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Miami Marine Stadium | The ART History Mural Project

In the latest effort to preserve Miami Marine Stadium, Saving Places organized an event on June 28th called “The ART History Mural Project”. The mural project, curated by stencil artist and muralist Logan Hicks, featured an impressive roster of local and international street artists including Luis Berros, Doze Green, Elbow Toe, Evoca1, Ian Kuali’I, Joe Iurato, RISK, and Rone. International superstar Gloria Estefan, a Trustee of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, kicked off the daylong celebration by announcing a pledge to donate $500,000 to help restore the one-of-a-kind landmark. She was the guest of honor along with the stadium’s architect Hilario Candela. Closed to the general public, we were fortunate to be selected as one of the 30 lucky instagrammers to attend and cover the event along with the media. It was a great event at a truly unique venue. We met some really nice people and got to see some amazing art. And what’s with Gloria Estefan? The woman doesn’t age!

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Ahol Sniffs Glue | SNIPERS Preview

Caught up with artist Ahol Sniffs Glue to talk about his upcoming installation at Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District entitled “SNIPERS”.

This collection of work is about perspective, focus and observation…like looking through a sniper scope. The idea behind his unique plush pieces came about when Ahol was recently struck by a car while riding his scooter. During his recovery, he ended up watching a lot of daytime trash talk shows like Maury Povich. Rather than just watching the shows, he became fascinated with the audience and their cued reactions and expressions. While exploring the idea of anonymity and voyeurism, he started observing the observers of the show.  Ahol honed in on these unknown audience members and incorporated the images into his art to illustrate the odd and sometimes absurd. From his graffiti roots and his iconic spray painted eyeballs throughout Miami, Ahol’s work has evolved into these part digital, part plush and part conceptual pieces. Ahol said he didn’t want to get too deep into the actual meaning of his work. He would prefer for people to explore his work and make their own deductions.

His solo exhibition at Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art, located at 2239 NW 2nd Ave in Miami, opens on November 24th.

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Wynwood Autos

Sometimes the cars here in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District are as interesting as the art. Here are three of my favorites that I’ve come across. The van with the flat tire in the second photo was painted by the artist Torek LeFresh. The custom paint on the van in the third photo was done by the artist Hox.

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131 solo exhibition | 1+31=131

Stopped off at Villa 221 on Northeast 17th Street here in Miami to check out a solo show by the artist 131. His work, which is influenced by math, science, numbers and patterns, explores the idea of deconstructing art down to it’s molecular level. Two of my favorite pieces from the show entitled “Amoeba Battle” and “Periodic Table” depict a fantastic and chaotic microscopic world. I also really enjoyed his recycled doors which he covered with 125 photos compiled over the past several years of names and messages carved into city sidewalks and then sealed in clear epoxy resin. It was a really great exhibit, visually and conceptually. You can see more of 131’s work on his site

A special thanks to Aaron and Frank of Villa 221, an amazing venue for shows and events.

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Apparitions by Sog

Sculpted mini-figures by Miami-based artist Sog entitled “Apparitions”. With roots in independent comic book illustration and publishing, Sog’s work has evolved into 3-dimensional mini-sculptures. This tiny figure, which is about the size of a quarter, is incredibly detailed for it’s size. More on Apparitions here.

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Caught up with 131 earlier today in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District updating a mural he had originally completed a few years back.

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Astronaut Baseball

With Art Basel 2012 fast approaching, it seems the activity in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District is starting to pick up. I see a lot of walls being buffed and primed for new murals. I came across this collaborative mural in progress by Andrew Antonaccio and Filio Orlan aka 2alas.

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Clandestine Culture

If you’ve ever been to Miami’s Wynwood Arts District, you’ve probably come across a piece of street art by the artist CLANDESTINE CULTURE. I first came across his posters in 2010 with the signature red bar bearing his name. It’s interesting to see his work crossing over into galleries. His first solo exhibition recently opened at Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art at 2239 NW 2nd Avenue here in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. I dropped in this afternoon to take a look. From weathered wheatpasted images on the street to refined silkscreens and paintings on wooden panels, I was surprised to see how well his art translated off the streets. The photos highlight some of my favorite pieces. I was fortunate enough to meet the artist who is depicted in the first photo holding a paintbrush and a can of paint.

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Retna and Hox mural for Louis Vuitton

The artists Retna and Hox recently completed a collaborative mural for the Louis Vuitton store in Miami’s Design District. This is the first time Louis Vuitton has had an artist create an original work on the façade of one of its North American stores.


A really great series on the revitalization of Miami’s Wynwood Arts District and the power of art. It’s also a nice tribute to the late visionary, Tony Goldman. Since the release of this trailer, 6 full episodes were produced. More on HCTN here.

WK Interact wheatpaste New York 2002

WK Interact

When I lived in New York, circa 2002, I came across this image at the intersection of Lafayette and Prince street near Soho. With all the visual stimulation in the city, this image still managed to catch my attention. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at the time, since it wasn’t advertising anything. I snapped a photo. A few years later I discovered that it was a wheatpaste done by the artist WK Interact. This was possibly my first encounter with street art.